Wedding Details, Details, Details!

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When it came time to think of details and ideas for Cory and I’s wedding next year, I knew that the ideas were endless! With Pinterest & Aisle Society at our fingertips, we can truly figure out a way to do anything our hearts desire, whether it be done by DIY or outsourcing to a professional! Where do you begin? How do you even get started?

Do not worry, I felt like that too! What I started to realize with all of my ideas there was a common thread between them, they all had something to do with being outdoors or nature. Cory and I love to hike, walk our dogs and go camping so I knew that we would want to spend our wedding day outside with our family friends surrounded by nature. We choose a venue that had a lot of gardens on the property and we are opting for a tent reception! As far as colors go I want all colors that can truly be found in nature, different hues and shades. I plan to make our table numbers, our seating display, go thrifting for certain accents, etc. Then I plan to hire professionals for the stationary and florals! ūüėČ

I am always impressed by my brides who start off with a million ideas, like I am, and then come up with beautiful arrangements and details that cohesively go together on their wedding day! I have taken a lot of tips from them now that I am starting to plan our wedding and I hope to share all of my decisions and DIY projects here so other brides that come along can get ideas! My biggest tip is to truly think what you two love to do together and what colors, objects, etc appeal to you and put those items together. For example you will see further down in this blog, Rachel and Mark’s wedding. Mark loves to fish and hunt and they both love seafood. Mark took a boat and filled it with ice, placed Rachel’s Grandfather’s mallard decoys throughout it, beverages and a batch of raw oysters. When I saw this I instantly thought, this is them to a T! Stay true to yourself and your fianc√©, and your wedding day will be beautiful! Happy wedding planning!¬†Jessicaryanphotography_virginiabeachwedding_virginiaweddingphotographer_weddingdetails_weddingjewelry_weddingdecorations_0426Samantha and Hayley love the color blush! From the blush linens, to the light blush roses in their bouquets and to the blush rose petals agains the dark cherry wood tables, they truly put the pretty color to use wherever they could! I thought it turned out beautifully! Samantha & Hayley’s Wedding DayJessicaryanphotography_virginiabeachwedding_virginiaweddingphotographer_weddingdetails_weddingjewelry_weddingdecorations_0427¬†Allison loved blush as well, but her daughter Ellie LOVED her flower girl dress! Allison would tell me that Ellie would ask every week if she could put it on until the wedding day arrived! I loved using her dress for Allison’s bridal details, including her Etsy vow notebooks! Joel also said vows to Ellie during the ceremony and placed a ring on her finger that you can see in the above photograph! Allison & Joel’s Wedding DayJessicaryanphotography_virginiabeachwedding_virginiaweddingphotographer_weddingdetails_weddingjewelry_weddingdecorations_0428¬†Guess what ladies? The florals below were made by Norfolk Wholesale Florist! I just thought they were so gorgeous!¬†Jessicaryanphotography_virginiabeachwedding_virginiaweddingphotographer_weddingdetails_weddingjewelry_weddingdecorations_0429 Jessicaryanphotography_virginiabeachwedding_virginiaweddingphotographer_weddingdetails_weddingjewelry_weddingdecorations_0430¬†Anna and Jimi’s wedding day was a beautiful rustic and colorful day at Holly Ridge Manor. They used Paperdolls Design for their stationary and incorporated the orange color tones from their florals from Roost Flowers into their invitation suite! ¬†I also loved this armoire from Sweetwater Cuisine, it went perfectly with the other pieces to Anna & Jimi’s wedding day.¬†Anna & Jimi’s Wedding DayJessicaryanphotography_virginiabeachwedding_virginiaweddingphotographer_weddingdetails_weddingjewelry_weddingdecorations_0431¬†I also loved the coaster below that Anna made for each of her guests. Each one a part of a tree stump, with their wedding day date painted on! Jamie from Jamie Leigh Events made sure every detail was set up exactly how Anna imagined it would be on her wedding day!¬†Jessicaryanphotography_virginiabeachwedding_virginiaweddingphotographer_weddingdetails_weddingjewelry_weddingdecorations_0432 Jessicaryanphotography_virginiabeachwedding_virginiaweddingphotographer_weddingdetails_weddingjewelry_weddingdecorations_0433 Jessicaryanphotography_virginiabeachwedding_virginiaweddingphotographer_weddingdetails_weddingjewelry_weddingdecorations_0434¬†Here is the boat I was talking about from Rachel & Mark’s wedding day! There wedding reception was on the water on Rachel’s Grandfather’s property, Mark loves to hung & fish, why wouldn’t they have a raw oyster & beer filled boat at their reception???¬†Jessicaryanphotography_virginiabeachwedding_virginiaweddingphotographer_weddingdetails_weddingjewelry_weddingdecorations_0435¬†Sunkissed Events and Kelly Gish Floral Designs did a great job making Rachel’s ideas come to fruition! I loved these flower vases delicately dangling from the trees throughout the backyard. Rachel & Mark’s Wedding DayJessicaryanphotography_virginiabeachwedding_virginiaweddingphotographer_weddingdetails_weddingjewelry_weddingdecorations_0436

These are just a few of so many details that I have loved thus far through wedding season this year! What have been your favorites? If your currently planning your own wedding, what unique details have you decided to go with that exemplify you and your fiancé and your relationship?