St. Augustine, Florida Engagements: Kathleen and Clark

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I never thought that growing up I would live states away from any of my cousins! When one of my cousin’s joined the Peace Corps and moved all the way to Africa for two years, I was sure that he would come back to the states after his time their had come to an end. Well, then he extended another year and received a job in Guyana helping the HIV/AIDs efforts there. This cousin is my cousin Tommy, which also happens to be my other cousin Kathleen, little brother. (Are you following?) After that, I was sure that no other cousins would leave me! 😉 When Kathleen decided to move as well, she choose to follow her heart but at least she choose to stay in the United States. States away, we continue to keep in touch, we visit each other when we can and we both are in each other’s bridal party next year.

As luck would have it, Kathleen moved to Jacksonville, Florida and that happened to be only forty-five minutes from Cory’s family and I have been lucky enough to visit with her and Clark every time that we go down to visit his side of the family as well. I say that Kathleen followed her heart and moved to Florida because after she graduated her Physical Therapy program at Old Dominion University she made the decision to move with Clark, where he had recently been stationed for the Navy. The quote, “she knew that she loved him when ‘home’ went from being a place to being a person,” comes to mind when I think of her and Clark. They started a new adventure together, took a leap, and had faith to create a home together in an unfamiliar city, miles away from family and friends. They did just that and have made a wonderful and loving home together.

I have always thought of my cousin Kathleen as a bubbly and kind hearted person who’s laugh is memorable and brightens up any room that she is in. Since meeting Clark, I have realized that his laughter is just as unique and when they laugh together… it is significant. One of my most favorite things is to walk away from an engagement session and be able to remember their distinct sound of laughter from the couple. I believe that everyone’s laughter is unique and I am not kidding when I say that I can remember what your’s sounds like exactly. While editing, there are moments in portraits that take me back to that moment and I remember your exact unique laughter and it always makes me smile. I cannot think of anything much better than that to tell me that I am doing something right. 🙂 I had those moments with Kathleen and Clark, and it was not because Kathleen is my cousin. It is because when I took on the role as their photographer for these portraits, I got to see them interact on a more loving level through my camera lens.

Congratulations to Kathleen and Clark! I cannot wait to stand beside you Kathleen and see the two of you make a lifelong promise to each other. I will be a bridesmaid in their wedding so I will not be photographing their wedding day, but I am excited to travel to Annapolis, Maryland for their wedding and see how Kate Fine Art Photography photographs their love for each other!

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