Signature at West Neck Wedding: Billy & Rachael

signature at west neck wedding raining wedding day

jessica_ryan_photography_signature_at_west_neck_wedding_virginia_beach_1172Billy and Rachael were married and celebrated with friends and family at the Signature at West Neck in Virginia Beach on their wedding day. Rachael and Billy met at Radford University and were best friends for years before they got into a relationship, but Rachael says after they became best friends she knew that, “that was a wrap!” Their groomsmen let me know that they are a large group of friends who are always hanging out together whether it be watching sports, or playing corn hole. They all have a blast together and I just love that they have had a large group of friends through the years that saw them meet, become friends, start a relationship, to getting married.

Rachael told me how Billy proposed, and her words were perfect that their is no way I could write it better. ‘I truly believe that a girl gets that “feeling” when a proposal is about to happen. The guy acts fidgety, weird, and just different. I had this “feeling” for a while, but it didn’t come 🙂 One Sunday Billy kept badgering me to go to the beach with him, which was weird considering he hates the beach, and we were going on a cruise in a few days, but  reluctantly I agreed. He gathered a cooler, some games, and a crossword puzzle he had previously made for me. (I’m obsessed with puzzles) On the ride there that “feeling” returned. I eyed his pockets and saw nothing and decided it WAS just a date. We sat on the beach doing the puzzle and continued to have one of the deepest most spiritual conversations we have ever had! I finally gave up on a few clues I wasn’t able to answer on the puzzle and Billy reached in his pocket with a yellow post it sticker and showed me the answer key, with “will you marry me” written on it. He got on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen (with my grandmother’s stone as the center) I was speechless, LITERALLY. On the third “will you marry me” I snapped out of the shock and with absolute pure joy I said, “YES!”‘
They were a pleasure to photograph on their wedding and were troopers through the  plan b’s and the rain. At the end of the day you are still marrying your best friend and celebrating with the closest people to you. Your wedding day is a celebration, a party and one of the best day’s of your lives, and Billy and Rachael let go of what they couldn’t control and enjoyed their day just the same. Congratulations Billy & Rachael!
Wedding Venue: The Signature at West Neck
Wedding Dress: Pure English
Wedding Planner: Soirees by Lauren
Wedding DJ: Endless Mic Entertainment
Wedding Cake: Gourmet Bake Shoppe
Wedding Florals: DIY by Rachael
Stationary: Wedding Paper Divas

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