Sandbridge Beach Engagements: Ed & Scott

back bay wildlife refuge virginia beach sandbridge engagement portrait


I met Ed & Scott at the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge in Sandbridge for their engagement session. I love the secluded beach and landscape that this area offers this time of year. There are no tourists & only a few hikers & fisherman, which allows us to use all of the landscape to our advantage. I always love getting to photograph engagement sessions for couples because it’s always a great time to get to know you all better. We talk, we laugh, we joke around, & as a result I get to see part of your love story unfold. Ed & Scott were no different, telling me about their love for theme parks & rollercoasters, which is what they enjoy doing together. If their is such a thing as an avid thrill seeker, these two definitely qualify! Then came the story of their first date. They went to brunch together at a local restaurant & spent hours talking, not wanting the great conversation to end they decided to go walk some trails at a nearby park. They did this together even though it happened to be the hottest day of the year & in the middle of the afternoon! Each other just didn’t want their time spent together to come to an end yet. After hours of walking & talking that day they both told me that they knew this was going to be something special to one another. Seven years or so later, here we are having the best time at their photography session! Congratulations Ed & Scott, I am so much looking forward to photographing your Wedding Day!

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