Mr. & Mrs. DIY Wedding Decor

diy wedding decor tutorial mr and mrs sign

What involves a hula hoop, floral wire, gold glitter spray paint and a metal Mr. and Mrs. cut out? If you guessed a Wedding day DIY decor project, then you guessed right! You will have to wait to see the final product until after our wedding day and to see what I am even using this all for but what I can tell you is, is that two dollar neon green and silver hula hoop is getting stripped and spray painted with the gold glitter spray paint! I will be attaching the metal Mr. and Mrs. cut out to the hula hoop once it is gold with the floral wire, that is also gold!

There is more plans for this DIY decor piece for our Wedding day than what I stated above and I am excited to see it all come together! My tip for brides currently is what all of my brides said to me, “Start your DIY decor early.” But like so many other brides, I didn’t do that! Time escaped me and now we are only six weeks until our Wedding day but I am excited to finish up all of our DIY decor pieces. Cory is also helping me with a big decor project that I just decided on yesterday evening! Let’s hope I don’t change my mind on any other decor as well, but we are both very excited about building it together! Wish us luck! 

Thank you to Maryanne at Tidal Bay Collections for cutting out the gold metal Mr & Mrs from my design idea! I can’t wait to see how my DIY project comes together and what Becky at Roost Flowers comes up with!