How I See Love

Sunday morning coffee with your fiancé

I have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes getting photographs & writing together for my new website. I have been making a conscious effort to stop & ask, “What does this photograph say? What is my photography saying? Am I continuously coming across correctly with my heart, with my style & with my choice of photograph? How do I see love?” When we learn we grow & when we grow we create more beautiful photographs. We create portraits that are closer to why our hearts are invested in wedding photography for the long haul!

I believe that our lives are made up of defined moments that mold us into kindhearted & passionate beings that were led to wedding photography. Led to wedding photography that gives us an opportunity to give a priceless & timeless gift to others. So when I see love, whether it be your love with one another or my personal love, I see the quiet moments. I see the look in your eyes when you spot them amongst the crowd of people, I see that deep exhale of relief & excitement as you are embraced with their arms. I see love the same way I see my own love. Love is in the smallest gestures, the smile that they caused, the long conversations during road trips about your lives & the way their hand finds yours time & time again.

Most importantly I see love because I know love & I have love. Because I know love I am a better wedding photographer. Love to me is Sunday mornings & coffee. Not just any coffee but the coffee that he got up to brew & pour into the only two coffee mugs that he owns. One mug says, “You’re Special” with a border of tiny hearts around those two words. The other says, “World’s BEST Best Friend,” in bold. Sunday morning after Sunday morning where he pulls out those two mugs & pours the coffee for us, that’s how love touches me in the smallest ways, & I feel those moments with the biggest & swift emotion. That’s when I knew love was always supposed to be like this & because of us, love will always be like this. He always hands me the “You’re Special” mug & I always think of him as the, “World’s BEST Best Friend.”

jessica_ryan_photography_virginia_beach_virginia_wedding_love_candid_intimate_1064 jessica_ryan_photography_virginia_beach_virginia_wedding_love_candid_intimate_1065 jessica_ryan_photography_virginia_beach_virginia_wedding_love_candid_intimate_1066Sunday morning coffee with your fiancé