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jessica ryan photography Do it yourself home office decor

I have an office space located in Virginia Beach, with seven other wedding vendors in the Hampton Roads! That is where I meet with all of my couples over coffee, have the Alabama Shakes radio station playing in the background, and get to know them and all about their wedding day! When I moved a little farther away from my office space I needed to create a space at our home for my photography business.

It is a work in progress, I need a little bit more storage and a different desk chair, but this room has come a long way since I moved in. Can you believe that these walls use to be TEAL! It was so teal, if you were in the room and looked down at your arm, it would look like a tinted blue tone on your skin. That is less than ideal for a photographer’s home office! Cory and I painted the office a lavender/grey and Cory built and stained my desk just based on pictures I saw from Pinterest.  (He also built and designed my website! I am marrying someone with many talents!) jessica_ryan_photography_home_office_hobby_lobby_decorations_diy_computer_desk__3160Hobby Lobby came in handy when I found this armoire that matched the stain of the desk.  jessica_ryan_photography_home_office_hobby_lobby_decorations_diy_computer_desk__3161 jessica_ryan_photography_home_office_hobby_lobby_decorations_diy_computer_desk__3162 jessica_ryan_photography_home_office_hobby_lobby_decorations_diy_computer_desk__3163 jessica_ryan_photography_home_office_hobby_lobby_decorations_diy_computer_desk__3164 jessica_ryan_photography_home_office_hobby_lobby_decorations_diy_computer_desk__3165 jessica_ryan_photography_home_office_hobby_lobby_decorations_diy_computer_desk__3166I wanted to have a place to display some of my polaroids that I love photographing and I found this frame on sale at Michael’s, as well as the two shelves that are next to it!  jessica_ryan_photography_home_office_hobby_lobby_decorations_diy_computer_desk__3167 jessica_ryan_photography_home_office_hobby_lobby_decorations_diy_computer_desk__3168

It would not truly be my home office if I did not share who actually works with me all day. Their names are Charlie and Foster and they wanted to showcase that the office is still a work in progress, with the printer, a camera bag and a light stand in the background! I did say I needed one more place for storage! jessica_ryan_photography_home_office_hobby_lobby_decorations_diy_computer_desk__3169 jessica_ryan_photography_home_office_hobby_lobby_decorations_diy_computer_desk__3170 jessica_ryan_photography_home_office_hobby_lobby_decorations_diy_computer_desk__3171 Their routine is usually to wrestle and play and try to get my attention, and then they sleep! They sleep right at my feet one on the left side of me and one on the right! They are so stinking adorable that I love having it this way! jessica_ryan_photography_home_office_hobby_lobby_decorations_diy_computer_desk__3172 jessica_ryan_photography_home_office_hobby_lobby_decorations_diy_computer_desk__3173