Her Hike Collective: House Mountain

little house mountain her hike collective lexington virginia

In the month of February seven of us women a part of the Her Hike Collective went on a hike to Little House Mountain. The hike was called Little House Mountain Trail but there was nothing little about it! You can read more about the actual hiking information on Hiking Upward under: House Mountain. I use this informational website for almost every hike that I choose and it is always spot on and filled with information pertaining to different hikes.

We had another mild day for February and all had to get down to our t-shirts on the hike up. Once we got to the top it became chilly again and we stopped their for lunch. This hike was a full 8.2 miles with steep inclines and a good stretch of rock scramble that they don’t quite mention on the Hiking Upward website, but I LOVE rock scrambles! If you are going to be on a mountain all day you might as well add some boulders that you have to climb on and help each other with.

We had four new faces hiking with us! Danielle who was in my sorority when we were in college, MY Wedding Photographer Erika and her sister Sam and Anna, one of Shelly’s friends that she brought. Every woman is welcome and I would love to continue to see more new faces every time that we hike together! These 8.2 miles were challenging for all of us and we all worked together and let everyone go at their own pace.

If you have been thinking about joining us on a hike PLEASE DO! Contact me for more information and get signed up for our next Her Hike Collective on April 8th!