Alpha Xi Delta Graduates: Old Dominion University

alpha xi delta old dominion university

I went to Old Dominion University and I was also in the sorority, Alpha Xi Delta while I went to school there. That is why I was excited when Amanda, contacted me do her’s and three other women’s graduation portraits! I have been out of college for awhile, I won’t tell you how long, so it was a lot of fun to go back and help these women celebrate their great accomplishment! Since I graduated a long time ago, I had not met them before even though we all are a part of the same sorority. When I got to meet them we had the instant connection of being sorority sisters!

I love that they truly wanted to celebrate their graduation and degrees that they well deserved. This celebration did include confetti and champagne! Your years in college are fun, memorable and are filled with hard work and determination. If you were like me, your college years were extended past the four year college plan! 😉 I do not think that was the case for these women, but all I am saying is that I was ready to celebrate those years of striving to reach graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Art!

These four are officially graduating in December and I am so glad that I was able to be there to help kickstart their celebration! Congratulations ladies, enjoy this season of your lives!   va_jessica_ryan_photography_alphaxidelta_olddominionuniversity_0057 va_jessica_ryan_photography_alphaxidelta_olddominionuniversity_0056 va_jessica_ryan_photography_alphaxidelta_olddominionuniversity_0065 va_jessica_ryan_photography_alphaxidelta_olddominionuniversity_0064 va_jessica_ryan_photography_alphaxidelta_olddominionuniversity_0063 va_jessica_ryan_photography_alphaxidelta_olddominionuniversity_0062 va_jessica_ryan_photography_alphaxidelta_olddominionuniversity_0061 va_jessica_ryan_photography_alphaxidelta_olddominionuniversity_0060 va_jessica_ryan_photography_alphaxidelta_olddominionuniversity_0059 va_jessica_ryan_photography_alphaxidelta_olddominionuniversity_0058va_jessica_ryan_photography_alphaxidelta_olddominionuniversity_0066