Friday Recap: Wedding Photography Albums

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I value holding photographs in my hands. When I think back to my childhood, and the roll of film that you could take twenty-five photographs on before you had to put in a new roll, I get emotional. This is because I have photographs that are one copy of that moment that is otherwise gone. My parents decided to pick up their camera and photograph us on holidays, on quiet mornings, and summer trips. They saw a moment happening, one that they wanted to remember and give to us when we were older so they froze it in time with the click of the shutter. This is the foundation of why I am a photographer and why I know the importance of having your photographs. Life is short and because of this, we need photographs.

We need to have them at our fingertips, & I mean more than the four inch screens of our phones, or the little squares that you get to see on Instagram with a click of a button! I want them sitting beside you as life happens, I want you to thumb through them when family comes to visit or when you want to reminisce with your husband. I want you to sit by the fire with your kids on your lap and show them what it was like on day one & I want those photographs to be able to allow you to feel those emotions and remember. That is what a Legacy album is all about.

I am a big believer in having your photographs printed and displayed, whether it is a stack of photographs that you can thumb through, canvases proudly hung on the walls of your home or a Legacy Wedding Album that is built to last a lifetime, resting on your coffee table. I want you to have your photographs at your fingertips, and I mean that in a more special way then on four inches of a cell-phone screen. This Legacy Wedding Album is a professionally printed, lifetime warranty album, with the layouts designed by me. Any customizations are available and layouts.

When ordering a wedding album from me, all couples have to do is select their favorite images (roughly 100-150 photographs) and I take care of the rest! They get to approve the layouts and once they are approved, they are sent off to print! Have a look through to see the details and amazing quality of these wedding albums! I am offering a special price on these wedding albums for past and current brides and grooms through the month of September!

jessica_ryan_photography_millers_signature_album_wedding_photography_album_virginia_hermitage_museum_and_gardens_3176 jessica_ryan_photography_millers_signature_album_wedding_photography_album_virginia_hermitage_museum_and_gardens_3177The leather cover can come in any color of your choice! You can also customize the lettering on the outside. For example: Kelsey + Anthony Fernandez; (we can also add your wedding date below).jessica_ryan_photography_millers_signature_album_wedding_photography_album_virginia_hermitage_museum_and_gardens_3178jessica_ryan_photography_millers_signature_album_wedding_photography_album_virginia_hermitage_museum_and_gardens_3179I offer thick pages for these Legacy albums that are great quality and stain resistant.  jessica_ryan_photography_millers_signature_album_wedding_photography_album_virginia_hermitage_museum_and_gardens_3180 jessica_ryan_photography_millers_signature_album_wedding_photography_album_virginia_hermitage_museum_and_gardens_3181 jessica_ryan_photography_millers_signature_album_wedding_photography_album_virginia_hermitage_museum_and_gardens_3182The Legacy album’s lay-flat design is perfect for viewing and a great design for any coffee table or flat surface. This album has ten spreads in it but the album of your choice can hold up to fifty spreads, maximum and also has a lifetime warranty. jessica_ryan_photography_millers_signature_album_wedding_photography_album_virginia_hermitage_museum_and_gardens_3183 jessica_ryan_photography_millers_signature_album_wedding_photography_album_virginia_hermitage_museum_and_gardens_3184 jessica_ryan_photography_millers_signature_album_wedding_photography_album_virginia_hermitage_museum_and_gardens_3185 jessica_ryan_photography_millers_signature_album_wedding_photography_album_virginia_hermitage_museum_and_gardens_3186 jessica_ryan_photography_millers_signature_album_wedding_photography_album_virginia_hermitage_museum_and_gardens_3187 jessica_ryan_photography_millers_signature_album_wedding_photography_album_virginia_hermitage_museum_and_gardens_3188 jessica_ryan_photography_millers_signature_album_wedding_photography_album_virginia_hermitage_museum_and_gardens_3190 jessica_ryan_photography_millers_signature_album_wedding_photography_album_virginia_hermitage_museum_and_gardens_3191

“We take photographs as a return ticket to a moment that is otherwise, already gone.”