Friday Recap: Roald Dahl Quote

quote for bloggers and photographers

A lot of us browse through Pinterest for our future wedding days. Some of us use it to upload things that relate to our own business. I fall into both of those categories but I also browse a lot of written words that are inspirational to me. It helps me to find books that I want to read and authors that I have not heard of before. The quote above I pinned a few weeks ago, but recently I clicked the link to the website and I am so glad that I did. It allowed me to come across The Fresh Exchange. These people are artists, writers and bloggers. Every Monday they blog a series called, Monday Words, and it consists of anything that they are feeling, quotes to help others and is inspirational. If you need some uplifting and encouragement in your life recently, I highly suggest you visit their blog.

I will admit that earlier this week I was not full of rainbows and sunshine. With my to-do list getting longer and the dreams I have had to create layers within my business seemed so far in the distance, my stress and doubt began to set in. So I am here to tell you, and subconsciously myself too, that to continue to go at it full speed. Complete each item on your list one by one. Work hard and embrace what is currently the reality you are in. It is good! That work deserves to be acknowledged and felt better about it than just lukewarm. We all have may have miles and miles to go, but wouldn’t you rather live your life working to get better and create new layers to your life than staying content in the place you are in now? Several years ago I pictured the place that I am in today and I remember thinking just how far away it all seemed, but I got here. I hope you are not lukewarm about your life. If you are, I hope you have the courage to find what sets you on fire. I hope you have the courage to create more layers to you and your life.

I believe that as we learn and grow the best way to add layers to our own lives is to help or impact anyone that we can. I am passionate about being an enthusiast in life and I am passionate about being an enthusiast for others lives. I have announced on instagram my first monthly get together for August and I am excited to say that we only have one spot left and that I did not hear crickets when I let the world know this new layer of mine! It is open to any creatives, entrepreneurs, photographers, etc. I am excited to continue to add to the layers of my life and hopefully impact your’s along the way. There will be a get together every month and certain topics so keep a lookout on instagram for those announcements!

Happy Friday Friends! Write in the comments below ONE step that you are going to take today towards one of your goals and/or a new layer of your life.