Friday Recap: Planning Our Wedding

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Today Cory and I are going to do our Wedding registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond! With all of the budget talks & brainstorming all of the DIY pieces I am going to make for our wedding day, I am looking forward to scanning items in a store that I won’t end up taking to the register myself! I hope that does not sound greedy! I am more looking forward to do something carefree and fun with my fiancé today then actually getting all of the “things”. Since I dreamed of a wedding day I dreamed of going into a store for our wedding registry and scanning items left and right, you know like the movie montages we have all seen, while we goofed off around the store to some cheesy music. If you all don’t know already, my fiancé Cory is a planner! He asked my Dad permission to marry me two months before and told his parents well before that! So, we are going into our wedding registry with a plan! We briefly went through their website the other night and kind of have an idea of what we want to go in and register for, things we need! A much more adult and better plan than mine, I think!

All of the wedding planning, decisions that still need to be made, budget talks and researching for a honeymoon, can all be stressors on the surface. When I take a step back I remind myself that these are surface stressors, things that seem like a big deal at the moment but really aren’t. Everything will come together and all of my DIY pieces will eventually be made! The way I work is when I think of an idea that I want to create I feel the need to do it right then and there, or I get disappointed with myself and think that I am never going to do it. Which is not the case, I have a little less than a year to make all of these things and they probably wouldn’t look that great a year from now if I made them yesterday!

With that in mind, to put these “things” that don’t really matter in a category where I will not stress over, I ordered Cory and myself these little notebooks. On the cover it says, “Reasons why I love you,” and the inside are blank pages. Throughout the next year we will be writing little sentences here and there to one another. He will write in his whenever I am being ridiculously lovable and awesome and I will write in mine when he makes me laugh and when we come back from our hikes. On our wedding day we will give these to each other while we are getting ready for the day, and the pages will be filled with these little sentences. Those little notebooks are what truly matter and all of the words that they will hold within their pages. We have also decided to write our own vows to each other, which I have matching notebooks for that too!

I could marry Cory tomorrow, it would still be outside somewhere and under a tree, but I could and I would be perfectly happy! So, if you are wedding planning and starting to have, what I like to call them, surface stressors take a breather and do something that brings it back to just the two of you. Periodically over the next year I will be blogging about our wedding planning, DIY projects, things I have learned and/or reminders for all of us that are planning our wedding day to take a pause every now and then and bring it back to just us and our fiancés. I got these notebooks to do just that for us, but I can’t guarantee you all that during our wedding registry appointment today I won’t act a little obnoxious! Scanning Cory like I have a toy gun or going up to items that are ridiculous and acting like I am scanning them just to see the look on his face! We definitely need ten decorative pillows on our bed and the guest bedroom right?We are going to have fun with this!