Friday Recap: Nine things that you may not know about me!

Wedding professionals do a lot of introductions on instagram every Friday, but other than my about me section on my website, I have not really introduced myself to the people that visit my wedding photography website. To change that, I have wrote nine things that you may not know about me just yet! (Portraits above were photographed by Justin & Mary.)

  • I would rather be in cold weather than in warm weather any day of the year! Especially after yesterday’s heat index being around 105 degrees! You can always layer or start a fire, but in the summer, there’s only so much you can take off! 😉 I do not know about you, but for me, even when I go inside to the air conditioning I cannot cool off completely. Big Sky and Yellowstone have a special place in my heart and are places that my whole family loved including my brother, Richard. Just by looking at these photographs I feel a little cooled off from our summer heat wave we are having. jessica_ryan_photography_get_to_know_wedding_photographer_introduction_about_me_2008
  • Foster the Aussie! Yes he is a dog but I am convinced that he was meant to come into my life! When I first rescued Foster he was ten weeks old and I was not looking for a puppy, but something made me look at a rescue shelter’s website and his sweet little puppy face made me go there that day, five minutes before they closed for the evening, turn in an application and bring him home. From that day on we did everything together, he made me more active, taught me to take care of a life other than my own and love unconditionally. His personality and his many expressions kept me laughing and entertained everyday. I do not think I have met a human who is more expressive than Foster is! You cannot help but love a being that is waiting for you to come home every time you leave. And when you return home he runs around the house shaking his entire body from the hips down, because he does not have a tail!jessica_ryan_photography_get_to_know_wedding_photographer_introduction_about_me_2004jessica_ryan_photography_get_to_know_wedding_photographer_introduction_about_me_2007 jessica_ryan_photography_get_to_know_wedding_photographer_introduction_about_me_2006
  • “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, but… you didn’t,” his Jamaican voice spoke calmly but seriously. Then as a smile that reached from ear to ear on his face appeared, he gave an unannounced push on the rope and instantaneously sent my Aunt flying through the Costa Rican rain forest. My Aunt’s scream turned from frightened to overjoyed and I think I even heard laughter! That is where the saying that my aunt, my cousin and myself say to each other was born! As my aunt’s feet dug into the wooden planks and she held onto tree branches, she was saying that she should have stayed down at the main building, that she would have stayed if she knew it was this high up, and if she could turn around and walk down. This Jamaican man created a saying out of thin air that we will take with us for the rest of our lives. “Shoulda, woulda, coulda, but… you didn’t,” and after she DID in fact do it, all of it, we changed it to, “Shoulda, woulda, coulda, and… I DID!” As I flew through the rainforest I kept my eyes open, I looked around at the Tucans, the animals that I could hear but could not see and the ocean in the distance. When they asked if we wanted to zip line upside down I listened carefully on how to do it! As the wind began to fly through my hair I gripped the rope tightly, swinging my legs up, just under the zip line itself, and pushed my shoulders and head towards the ground. I was upside down flying through a rainforest in the mountains, and though I was going to fast to recognize any objects while upside down I had never felt more free and alive. For adventures, experiences, dreams and goals one of my mottos was born that day, “shoulda, woulda coulda…. did!”  jessica_ryan_photography_get_to_know_wedding_photographer_introduction_about_me_2009
  • I was in the sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, in college! Since then I have been lucky enough to reconnect with sorority sisters that I knew during college. I get to photograph some of their weddings and I also have gotten opportunities to meet other sorority sisters, near and far, at weddings that I did not meet when I was in college. It makes me extremely happy to be apart of these women’s lives and photograph beautiful photographs for them to have their entire lives.jessica_ryan_photography_get_to_know_wedding_photographer_introduction_about_me_2010
  • I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Print & Photo Media at Old Dominion University! It was a long time coming, involved a lot of soul searching, changing my major, and I started to build my business while I was still in school. A lot of things in life changed while I was in college, more than I ever thought would, but I never took a break from school or a semester off, including summers, and slowly but surely made my way to graduation! That day I dawned a 13 on top of my graduation cap, to everyone they thought it was for the year I was graduating, but to me it was my brother’s baseball number. Inside the graduation cap I taped a little note that I wrote to my brother on a day I wished more than anything that he could have been there. As I sat in the congregation of graduates and looked around, I never felt more proud of myself, knowing how much I overcame and got through to get to that moment. jessica_ryan_photography_get_to_know_wedding_photographer_introduction_about_me_2012
  • My parents and I have two Richard Scott Fee Endowment Scholarships. One of those is at his college, Greensboro College, and now also at First Colonial High School. My parents do most of the work for this and put a lot of their energy into helping others go to college, have a great education, and also help other families that are going through what they and my brother went through. Here is the first senior award ceremony that we attended at First Colonial High School and my Dad got to personally talk about our scholarship and congratulate the recipient.  jessica_ryan_photography_get_to_know_wedding_photographer_introduction_about_me_2011
  • One of Cory & I’s dates that led to our first kiss was also at the same venue we are going to get married, the Hermitage Museum & Gardens! Bruce Munro had installations of light exhibited through out the gardens. They announced that on halloween that they would be open and they would have candy for trick or treaters at each installation. I love art shows and art history and I was trying to impress Cory with how interesting I am 😉 so I clearly thought this would be a unique date! I am glad that I was right!jessica_ryan_photography_get_to_know_wedding_photographer_introduction_about_me_2015
  • I need to do things outside, take breaks from the day to day routine, and get out in nature! I am this way because of a lot of reasons! Our “shoulda, coulda, woulda, did!” motto instills with me to keep doing and seeing new things. I want to be out in nature for the fresh air, to do things with our dogs, and make memories together. I want to participate in the things that my brother loved doing like hiking and camping, which makes me feel like I am honoring him. Overall all of these things are just good for the soul!   jessica_ryan_photography_get_to_know_wedding_photographer_introduction_about_me_2005
  • Tomorrow I will be driving up to Richmond for a mentoring session with Justin & Mary! Since I attended their Walk Through A Wedding last November, I have been wanting to make this work, on my end! I am so glad I emailed them to see if there would be any chance we could do this while they were in town for another event they were running. I am so thankful that they are fitting me into their already packed schedule and I cannot wait to experience and fully take all of what I learn in! jessica_ryan_photography_get_to_know_wedding_photographer_introduction_about_me_2013