Friday Recap: “Home is the nicest word there is.”

Home is the nicest word there is. – Laura Ingells Wilder. She is right! Just look at the two dogs below, Charlie and Foster! Who wouldn’t want to come home those cute fur babies? They are not the only ones that make our home, our home. My fiancé, Cory, definitely plays a large roll in this house being home to me now. (Our wedding song that we will dance to next May even has the lyrics, “I remember all the lonely days I travel out on my own, then you brought me everything & you made my house a home.”) With that said, we have definitely done more decorating in the past two months to our home now that I am living there too! I really enjoy gardening with Cory, which we have done flower beds out front and two around our backyard deck. I also enjoy buying decorations to bring home to watch him hang up the way I want it! 😉 The other day I realized that I wanted something on our front porch. It is not a huge porch by any means, but I wanted to add some color and hide that big outlet that you can see in the photograph below. I went out to Hobby Lobby and got those planters for 1/2 off! The pots that I planted the plants in are a pretty sky blue, and I got those 30% off at a pop-up McDonald’s nursery! I get really excited to be able to afford decorating and new things for our home, especially when I find really good discounts! Take a look at some of the before and afters to this little gardening spot on our front porch, and enjoy my dogs in the background! 🙂 There was no moving them, they were just sad they were not outside with me! jessica_ryan_photography_virginia_virginiabeachweddingphotographer_bayislandvirginiabeach_photographerblog_gardening_homedecorating_blogging_1616 jessica_ryan_photography_virginia_virginiabeachweddingphotographer_bayislandvirginiabeach_photographerblog_gardening_homedecorating_blogging_1617 jessica_ryan_photography_virginia_virginiabeachweddingphotographer_bayislandvirginiabeach_photographerblog_gardening_homedecorating_blogging_1618 jessica_ryan_photography_virginia_virginiabeachweddingphotographer_bayislandvirginiabeach_photographerblog_gardening_homedecorating_blogging_1619 jessica_ryan_photography_virginia_virginiabeachweddingphotographer_bayislandvirginiabeach_photographerblog_gardening_homedecorating_blogging_1620 jessica_ryan_photography_virginia_virginiabeachweddingphotographer_bayislandvirginiabeach_photographerblog_gardening_homedecorating_blogging_1621 jessica_ryan_photography_virginia_virginiabeachweddingphotographer_bayislandvirginiabeach_photographerblog_gardening_homedecorating_blogging_1622 jessica_ryan_photography_virginia_virginiabeachweddingphotographer_bayislandvirginiabeach_photographerblog_gardening_homedecorating_blogging_1623 jessica_ryan_photography_virginia_virginiabeachweddingphotographer_bayislandvirginiabeach_photographerblog_gardening_homedecorating_blogging_1624