Friday Recap: The Future of Her Hike Collective

girls who hike sharp top mountain peaks of otter blue ridge mountains

This week I launched the rebrand of Jessica Ryan Photography and the feedback and support has been overwhelming. Past and current brides and grooms have shared and cheered me on. Other people in the wedding industry took out time to share my brand and a little bit more about Jessica Ryan Photography and I couldn’t be more blown away and in awe of the support. Thank you everyone! Women who haven’t experienced me photographing their wedding day (yet) took time to share as well, and those women were from my Her Hike Collective group.

I am excited to see where this hiking group will be elevated too, and I have so many ideas and possibilities for it. I know that this group has a bright future and I want to expand and grow it to where ever it is truly being called to be taken to. But I want to hear from YOU! I want to hear from the women who have hiked with us, the women who have heard about the group and are interested in hiking with us and even the women who think that this may not be quite their thing! I want to hear from you all! You can contact me through my contact form or email me at

These will be kept private and I will ask beforehand if I want to share some of what you write to me, but for now this is for the feedback that I am searching for. Here are the things that I would love for you to think about and answer for me:

  • If you have hiked with Her Hike Collective what were two things that you got out of hiking with us? If you have not hiked with us yet, what are somethings that you would want to get out of hiking with us?

    These may be two things that you realized days letter or you could have learned along the way, during your hike. Any hike in the mountains is challenging, deserves to be celebrated and when you reach the summit you should always feel proud of yourself. We all have different reasons for hiking, big or small, your reasons are amazing and unique! I would love to know what those are. little house mountain her hike collective lexington virginialittle house mountain her hike collective lexington virginia

  • If you were in a room full of women, or in this case on top of a mountain with a group of women, what are two things that you would share with them to help them all in some way?

    We are our own worst critics, but even if you think you are not awesome, I am hear to tell you that I am pretty sure that YOU are! We all have something about our story, about our lives that can offer help to others. We can inspire others without even realizing it, and I want to hear what those things would be and why. Think deeply about this and write to me the things that you would not just say on a coffee date or out shopping with a friend. Have you overcome something, learned something, discovered something that can help other women just by you saying it to them? I realize that you may have to trust me a little to write these things, but I hope you take that leap of faith. little house mountain her hike collective lexington virginia girls who hike sharp top mountain peaks of otter blue ridge mountains

  • What do you think of when you think of Her Hike Collective and the women that hike with this group?

    This can be anything! A few characteristics, adjectives, experiences, memories, etc. That list could go on and on! Whatever pops into your head, write down! A memory from one of the hikes you have been on, something funny, or if you have not yet been on a hike, the things you think of when you see our hiking group. girls who hike sharp top mountain peaks of otter blue ridge mountains little house mountain her hike collective lexington virginia

  • What do you want to gain from hiking with Her Hike Collective? raven rocks bluemont virginia

  • Finally, I want to share a little insight into the working mission statement for Her Hike Collective:

    Hike for her. Her, who doesn’t pretend and who wipes away any facades. Her, when there isn’t one wall or guard up. Her, who dreams the wildest dreams and creates ideas in her mind. Her, who believes that she can do anything, be anything. That’s who you hike for. We all have our dreams and desires. We all have our personal reasons for lacing up our boots and setting out to hike. Just like life, it’s not an easy walk in the park; but also like life, do we really want it to be? When you hike for her you are searching for more than a walk in the park. You are ready to give Her more, you are ready to shake Her and wake Her up. If you have not realized this yet the Her we are describing is, you. The best part in the unfamiliarity amongst the waking, shaking and the more; is that you are not alone. You have others that made the decision to hike alongside you. So as we dedicate to creating more for Her we use our hikes to build strength, determination, and friendship. We wake ourselves up to see new horizons, to surprise ourselves and to give us experiences to take with us on our journey. Hike for Her and I promise you that your life won’t be a walk in the park; but a hike to heights you have yet to imagine. 

    raven rocks bluemont virginia

I can’t wait to hear from you and read all of your input and feedback about Her Hike Collective. All women are welcome to contact me regardless if you have been hiking with us yet! Thank you for trusting me and believing in this group and giving me feedback so I know where this group is being called to be elevated too.