Friday Recap: Dear Bride

Dear Bride,

Can you picture the morning of your Wedding day? Right now, you are in the midst of planning. You are making final decisions, stuffing your envelopes, and deciding on shoes for the big day. But can you slow down and picture the morning of your wedding day? The getting ready, spending time with the closest women in your life, getting dolled up, sipping mimosas and toasting to a beautiful day ahead and a marvelous future ahead?

Are you daydreaming about him? Are you getting excited to see him in that dark suit, wearing the biggest smile across his face? You are just moments from seeing him and he is just moments from seeing you. Seeing you in a dress that represents your dream since you were a little girl and his dream of finding a best friend in the woman that he loves. bride and groom first look portraitThis moment, this day, you and him; that’s the good stuff. I hope that you marvel in it. Memorize every laugh line on his face as you wipe away his happy tears from his cheek. Remember every time that he reaches for your hand. Remember the way that he looks at you and pulls you in close.   Beyond the flowers, the decor, the glitz and the glam; remember him and you in the moments that the world fell away and it was just the two of you. Remember your vows spoken and save the papers that you wrote them on to look back when you need a reminder. Remember why you started.

Above all, remember the hug where you both closed your eyes and sank into. The lead up to that moment was a long day waiting to see your soulmate that your hug began to hold up each other’s weight and that’s where the weight of the day, this step in life, will be shared and it will become lighter. Your steps will become one journey.

This moment, this day, you and him; that’s the good stuff.

Love Always,

Jessbride and groom first look portrait