Friday Recap: A look at a busy week!

peonies and tulips wedding bouquet made from whole foods flowers

I had a busy but fulfilling week. It was busy and I am a little tired but everyday I did something that I LOVE doing so no matter how busy I was also fulfilling some of the things that make me come alive!

  • We did a little bit of wedding planning this week and we got to taste test at Montero’s Restaurant. Which was so yummy! Cory and I went early that day to Elizabeth City, thinking we could make a fun day out of it, exploring and walking around the city before taste testing. We didn’t think we needed to google or use those small phone computers that we always have to see what there was to do there. We just wanted to get there and figure it out together. Well the name, Elizabeth CITY, is very misleading. There was absolutely nothing to do there! We ended up at Lowe’s and we bought more wood for Cory to make corn hole boards and for him to make my office desk. I tried to start an entire movie montage with him throughout the store with the store’s soundtrack they had playing, but I did not get lucky with that!
  • Rachel & Mark came to pick up their wedding package this week and below are some of the pieces that go into my wedding photography packages. I love when I get to see my couples again and hear all about their honeymoon! (Sidenote: I had lunch with my cousin today and we ended up at a restaurant Mark works at! He spoiled us and was so very kind to us, so Thank You so much Mark!)

iphone photos of flowers and wedding photographer package

  • I also had three photo sessions this week! Two stylized weddings and one anniversary session for Marie and Cody! I absolutely love having all of these beautiful images to edit and get back to couples and other wedding vendors! Getting to spend every day out doing something that I love so much makes my life full! For Marie and Cody’s anniversary session, I knew she was wearing a white dress for the day and so I decided to create a bouquet for her! (Which is the photograph above) I am not a florist by any means, but I think it’s not to bad looking! We had people congratulating them because it truly looked like they just eloped on the beach! 😉 It also doubles as my dining room tables flowers now, which I think fresh flowers brighten up any room!
  • This past week I have started to put one-hundred percent into reaching my instagram followers both authentically and with an open heart. I want to always use my instagram to uplift others, to connect with people that can relate to me, and to write words that people need to read along with the pretty pictures. You can head there and let me know if you think I am succeeding in my goals or what I can improve on! Instagram: @jessicaryanphoto. Lets all start a conversation together, I want to get to know you and connect! I hope to see you there!