Floral Bridal Shower: For Nicole the Bride-To-Be

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We are almost one month away from my best friend, Nicole, and Tyler’s wedding day and I could not think of a better way to celebrate that on my blog than to share pictures from her floral bridal shower earlier this month! I can’t explain how much fun I had with Caitlin and Chelsea planning and decorating for Nicole’s bridal shower. I have known Nicole since high school, we lived together for four years in college, were in the same sorority and both held leadership positions that worked together. I am not exaggerating when I say that she knows everything about me and has been with me through everything! It actually is just a known fact between us now, because if I sit and try to describe it to someone I get emotional!

This shouldn’t surprise the people that know Nicole because she is such a caring and beautiful person. The morning of her shower, which was a surprise shower by the way, I was over there with her Mom, Theresa and her sister, Caitlin; getting ready. We were chatting about how we all woke up emotional and were very excited to give her this day. In our conversation I only managed to get out the words, “You know… it’s Nicole,” and they nodded in agreement with me but the three of us had to make a joke quickly to snap us out of our heartwarming but emotional state. We were excited that this day was here for her, that she was marrying Tyler (someone who makes her extremely happy) and that we created the most girly and pink bridal shower that we could think of, because our girl LOVES pink!

Glittery signs, a polaroid cut out, the best mimosa bar I have ever seen, gifts galore, flowers throughout and women filling the rooms of Nicole’s childhood home is some of what this day encompassed for her. In just a month we get to witness Nicole and Tyler vowing forever to each other and I know that she will be the most beautiful bride that I have ever seen. I hope you enjoyed your surprise floral bridal shower and that it was everything that you dreamed of! Congratulations to Nicole and Tyler!

To see how I made the flower arrangements and the flower bar for Nicole’s bridal shower go to this blog post: Six Secret Tips to making a Floral Arrangement

Thank you to Caitlin, Theresa and Chelsea for also making this day an unforgettable one!