Love to me is Sunday mornings & coffee.

Not just any coffee but the coffee that he got up just to brew & pour into the only two coffee mugs that he owns.

One mug says, “You’re Special” with a border of tiny hearts around those two words. The other says, “World’s BEST Best Friend,” in bold. Sunday morning after Sunday morning where he pulls out those two mugs & pours the coffee for us, that is truly how love touches me, in the smallest ways.

I feel those moments with a swift emotion. And on one of those Sundays where he handed me the mug that was still steaming from the coffee he just poured is when I knew love was always supposed to be like this & because of us, love will always be like this. He always hands me the “You’re Special” mug & I always think of him as the, “World’s BEST Best Friend.”

I make kissing noises & he instantaneously sticks out his tongue to try to lick my face!

I can do this about twenty times in a row & I have convinced myself that this a unique & cool trick Foster & I have! Foster is the best dog that is also the craziest dog! He has the most personality & the biggest heart full of love, spinning around frantically, & turning his head back & forth while you talk to him.

Her Hike Collective:

Hike for her. Her, who doesn’t pretend and who wipes away any facades. Her, when there isn’t one wall or guard up. Her, who dreams the wildest dreams and creates ideas in her mind. Her, who believes that she can do anything, be anything. That’s who you hike for.

We all have our dreams and desires. We all have our personal reasons for lacing up our boots and setting out to hike. Just like life, it’s not an easy walk in the park; but also like life, do we really want it to be?

When you hike for her you are searching for more than a walk in the park. You are ready to give Her more, you’re ready to shake Her and wake Her up. If you have not realized this yet the Her we are describing is, you.

The best part in the unfamiliarity amongst the waking, shaking and the more; is that you are not alone. You have others that made the decision to hike alongside you.

So as we dedicate to creating more for Her we use our hikes to build strength, determination and friendship. We wake ourselves up to see new horizons, to surprise ourselves and to give us experiences to take with us on our journey.

Hike for her and I promise you that your life won’t be a walk in the park; but a hike to heights you have yet to imagine.

Polaroid photographs are a gesture of respect to the history of photography for me. Where it started, how it evolved & where photography is today.

I found my love for photography in my High School’s dark room, developing photographs. Now with all of my digital photography equipment for weddings & other portrait sessions, I enjoy using my Polaroid camera during the quiet moments of my life & freeze my memories in a different way.

Warm summer days with the windows rolled down, the sound of the roaring engine, & my hair whipping in the wind, those are the rides that I love.

Rides where you only have the stirring balance between the calm disconnected action from life’s media & then the overwhelming power of the engine.

No radio, no social media, no cell phone, only me & my car.

Just the whipping wind, the sun shining, the glittering teal paint & the rumble of the Mustang’s engine.