A Business Owner’s Organization Tips: Wedding Photographer

organization tips for photographers

Let me start this blog post by saying that I find it a little humorous that I am writing to you about organization tips! I do not think I am particularly great at it but I have come across things that make it a lot easier for me! We are coming to the end of another wedding season and this … Read More


2017 engaged new year resolutions jessica ryan photography virginia wedding photographer

I heard several of them shout with excitement, “Jess!” and as they did they waved their hands to usher me over to them. I put my champagne glass down on the table and went into the crowd of the dance floor. As soon as I got to all of them I grabbed Cory’s arm and glanced over at the screen. … Read More

Friday Recap: Finding Our Photographs

mom and bride vintage wedding day portrait

As a wedding photographer I remember a lot of my childhood scavenging for our family photographs amongst cardboard shoe boxes and albums. I was the teenager that created floor to ceiling collages in her room of photographs of my friends, family, famous people, and drawings. It had to be every few months that I would take out our cardboard shoe … Read More

Friday Recap: Appalachian Trail and Paul’s Boots

hiking appalachian trail article from the blue ridge outdoors magazine

It is no secret that Cory and I love the outdoors, and love to hike whenever we can! What you may not know is that I have been reading the Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine lately. It is cooler than it sounds as I type this! They have bucket lists to do, brewery trails and winery trails, plus the best places … Read More

Seasons: A Note to You

quote about seasons

  If I could live in a season for the rest of my life, it would be Fall! However, just like seasons continue to change so do our lives, and we aren’t in just one for the entirety of it. Think of it this way, if you are a business owner, with a heart to do what you create for a … Read More

Carter Mountain Apple Orchard: Our Engagements and Dating for Two Years

Carter Mountain Apple Orchard Engagement Portrait Charlottesville Virginia

To think two years from our first date we would be spending that weekend in the mountains with uninterrupted quality time, hiking, laughing, and taking our engagement portraits leaves me speechless. You can read more about the hiking part of our trip at Wintergreen here. Cory is a man that I did not realize existed, until I met him and … Read More