Friday Recap: The Future of Her Hike Collective

girls who hike sharp top mountain peaks of otter blue ridge mountains

This week I launched the rebrand of Jessica Ryan Photography and the feedback and support has been overwhelming. Past and current brides and grooms have shared and cheered me on. Other people in the wedding industry took out time to share my brand and a little bit more about Jessica Ryan Photography and I couldn’t be more blown away and … Read More

Jessica Ryan Photography Brand

jessica ryan photography brand and logo

Today I am launching my new and improved brand for Jessica Ryan Photography. The reasons for creating this new brand for my wedding photography business were to incorporate the things I love, describe my core values for the company and brand, to serve my couples better, to define Jessica Ryan Photography and it’s style, and to introduce Brides and Grooms to a … Read More

An Open Letter to Me When I Was Younger

The things I would tell you but first, how do I address this? To self; Hey self? Hey girl or Dear Jess? I don’t really know how to get that part started so I will just say this letter is to Me when I was younger. Dear You, With life’s twists and turns, running a new business, finishing college, ups and … Read More

Mr. & Mrs. DIY Wedding Decor

diy wedding decor tutorial mr and mrs sign

What involves a hula hoop, floral wire, gold glitter spray paint and a metal Mr. and Mrs. cut out? If you guessed a Wedding day DIY decor project, then you guessed right! You will have to wait to see the final product until after our wedding day and to see what I am even using this all for but what … Read More

Her Hike Collective: House Mountain

little house mountain her hike collective lexington virginia

In the month of February seven of us women a part of the Her Hike Collective went on a hike to Little House Mountain. The hike was called Little House Mountain Trail but there was nothing little about it! You can read more about the actual hiking information on Hiking Upward under: House Mountain. I use this informational website for almost … Read More

The Time we had Four Weddings in One Year!

four weddings in one year personally in virginia

I attend weddings all of the time! As a Wedding Photographer you can find me at weddings most weekends between the months of March and November. (I will definitely photograph your winter wedding as well, this is just considered more of the wedding “season” here in Virginia.) But I also do my best to live my life with my loved … Read More