10 Things I Learned from our Wedding Day

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You get to marry your best friend! To be truthful, I already knew that on our wedding day that I got to marry my best friend! But I wanted to start this blog post off by reminding us all that that is what our wedding day is truly about. I will talk about details and rain plans in this blog … Read More

Asheville, North Carolina Honeymoon

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The entire time we were vacationing in Asheville for our honeymoon, we kept saying, “I am so glad that we did this,” and, “We have done so much already!” You see, when we were planning our honeymoon we had a short period of looking at all-inclusive resorts or somewhere tropical. We knew that Florida was out of the running because Cory … Read More

I Believe: As a Wedding Photographer

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We may all have heard these sayings a time or two throughout our lives; “Build a longer table, not a higher fence” and, “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you need to go into a different room.” They’re true, but what is also true throughout our lives is constantly evolving into the best version of ourselves. … Read More

Mr and Mrs Chenard: Our Wedding at The Hermitage Museum and Gardens

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Cory and I sat on our back porch, only twenty-four hours after our wedding day, each with a craft beer in hand. We sat in the two chairs, that happened to be my very first Christmas gift that I got him. We watched the sun shine through our trees and we talked about our wedding day and the beginning of … Read More

Friday Recap: Our Wedding Week

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Our Wedding Day is just a week away, TOMORROW! In honor of that I am writing this blog post to 1- take a trip down memory lane at this past year since being engaged to Cory and 2- to let you know that after today I will be enjoying time with Cory, our friends and family when they come into … Read More

Two Weeks Before Our Wedding Day: Thoughts from me as a Bride

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First of all, where did the time go? Cory and I were talking the other evening and we both feel as if we have been talking about getting married and planning the actual wedding day for what feels like forever, and now it is almost here! It is only two weeks and two days away to be exact! I wonder … Read More