Adventure: Little Moments Create Mountainous Memories

cold mountain george washington national forest wedding elopement photographer

What does adventure look like to you? Is it hiking to the summit of a mountain or to the base of a waterfall? Is adventure going camping, for you? Is it taking your dogs on a road trip or even Sunday mornings spent together inside your home? I want to document your next adventure together and I am hear to tell you that your next adventure can be anything!

Adventures, to me, are made up of little moments. They are joyous, heartfelt and tell a story. On adventures you will hold each other’s hands but not in the delicate holding each other’s palms kind of way. You will hold each other’s hands, intertwining every finger, touching every part of his hand that you can because you know that no one else will ever hold your hand the way that he does. No one else will share those same wedding bands that are pressing into your intertwined fingers and the promises that were made together moments before you put them on for the first time. To me, holding each other’s hands is an adventure. It’s part of the greatest adventure you could ever have together. The ones where you either take turns leading each other, or the ones where the path gets wide enough so you can walk alongside each other, hands intertwined. Your entire lives can be made up of small and grand adventures and I want to photograph those for you.

Little moments create mountainous memories. Lets photograph your next adventure. There are some places that I love for a hiking adventure or a road trip, and to get you started on some of your ideas I am going to list them below! These are just to get your creative ideas flowing, and once you think of something that you would love photographed contact me to photograph your next adventure.

Cold Mountain, George Washington National Forrest (outside of Buena Vista and Lexington, Virginia)

As soon as I stepped out of the trail from the woods and entered these mountaintop valleys I knew that I wanted to bring couples back here to photograph as well! This is a loop hike, but we can start at the shorter distance and hike to the top, getting there in about a mile. Can you imagine these fields in the spring with all of the wildflowers and butterflies?cold mountain george washington national forest wedding elopement photographercold mountain george washington national forest wedding elopement photographer cold mountain george washington national forest wedding elopement photographer

Asheville, North Carolina – Looking Glass Falls also Falling Spring Falls in Virginia (outside of Covington, Virginia)

Looking Glass Falls is a waterfall we saw during our honeymoon! I would love to photograph an elopement or couples’ session here. We would need to go early in the morning, because it is a popular location, because you can see this stunning waterfall from the road! There are also a lot of waterfalls in Virginia that are easy to hike to as well. Falling Spring Falls is another waterfall in Virginia that I want to photograph a couple at!   looking glass falls elopement asheville wedding photographerlooking glass falls elopement asheville wedding photographerlooking glass falls elopement asheville wedding photographer

Wintergreen Resort

This is my husband, Cory, on one of the ski slopes during off season! They are gorgeous open fields with beautiful fall colors that only take a short hike to get too. In addition they have numerous overlooks that are easily accessed, and several breweries down the road. What is not to love about that? wintergreen resort wedding photographer spring

A Greenhouse – at The Biltmore or at other Greenhouse locations

I loved the greenhouse at the Biltmore and could instantly picture photographing a couple there! Locally, the green house at Norfolk Botanical Gardens is a great option as well! the biltmore wedding photography asheville north carolina wedding

Along the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway

How fun would it be to take a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway and stop at some overlooks, at a brewery or whatever we may come across? If you aren’t feeling quite that adventurous I know of several very short hikes, some less than a mile, to overlooks right off of the parkway. I can meet you there or if you are looking for more of a lifestyle session captured, lets drive together, grab some maps and I can photograph your entire day/ ridge parkway wedding adventurous couple blue ridge parkway wedding adventurous couple

Great Falls – Maryland & Virginia

This is a great place to hike and to feel like you are far away from the city, when you are actually just outside of D.C. You do not have to travel far to get to such a gorgeous location to be photographed if you live in Northern Virginia. I hiked in the middle of winter but I can picture just how gorgeous this would be in the Spring and Fall seasons.great falls maryland wedding elopement photographer virginia

I wanted to give you some ideas for locations to get you started, but like I said before your adventures are more about the memories that you create. Create an adventure based on something that you both like doing together. The options are endless and are not limited to hikes and the outdoors. Remember, little moments create mountainous memories. I will be anxiously waiting to photograph your next adventure.