A Bride’s Guide to Wedding Photography

A brides guide to wedding photography bride and groom candid portrait bride laughing

A bride’s to-do list can become long and stressful quickly, especially the last few weeks before your wedding day. There are a few key actions that you can take to help the flow and ease of your day which in turn allows you to enjoy every moment more thoroughly. From one wedding photographer and bride to another bride planning their wedding here are some actions and ideas that I have found improve wedding days and allows the bride to enjoy their day fully!

  • Have your details ready and in one location of your room when I arrive.

    After I give you a big hug and see how you are doing, you will most likely be finishing up with hair and/or makeup. I like to chat with you for a moment and then after start to gather your wedding details and photograph them. I love to have about twenty minutes total for your details which allows me to photograph everything and have different variations. If you have everything organized and together this allows me to find everything quickly and avoids you or your maid of honor having to search around the room to find all the pieces. Your details usually consist of wedding rings (your’s and his), engagement ring, other jewelry, wedding dress, shoes, veil, garter, bouquet, stationary/invitations, and any other details that you may want photographed.

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  • Have your Bridesmaids and Mother dressed before you get into your wedding dress.

    You have just spent all day laughing, reminiscing, and maybe even drinking mimosas with these women. They are some of the most important women in your life and I am sure you want them ready to help you get into your wedding dress. With them in their dresses it helps make this important moment tie into the rest of your wedding day. These important portraits will look more polished, clean and they will most likely match the rest  of your wedding with the colors you have chosen.

jessica_ryan_photography_wedding_photographs_must_haves_bride_top_wedding_photographs_virginia_wedding_photographer_2021 jessica_ryan_photography_wedding_photographs_must_haves_bride_top_wedding_photographs_virginia_wedding_photographer_2023

  • After they help you with your dress and jewelry allow a few minutes for you and I to have alone!

    I hope this does not sound creepy! 😉 You are excited, most likely your mom teared up a little and your bridesmaids squealed with excitement. This moment is going to hit you and more often than not when you are getting emotional everyone starts to pack up their things and rush you off to your transportation or you end up cleaning the room yourself. I have found that when we separate for a few moments from the rest of the bridal party it allows this rush of emotions to be felt and it allows you to have a quiet space and think about your fiancé. This is also where you can open a present that they may have given you, read a letter from them, or simply take a few bridal portraits while I give you things to think about regarding your fiancé and your wedding day. You deserve to feel this moment completely and I promise you that you will be so happy you did!

jessica_ryan_photography_wedding_photographs_must_haves_bride_top_wedding_photographs_virginia_wedding_photographer_2024 jessica_ryan_photography_wedding_photographs_must_haves_bride_top_wedding_photographs_virginia_wedding_photographer_2025

  • Forget that you are standing in front of 100+ people!

    Look at each other, laugh and cry! You are there and in this moment for the two of you and nobody else! I know some people are shy and this part unnerves them but once you are up their with your soon to be husband all of that will go away. My other tip for this is that you can look at your officiant but do not look at them the entire time! This may seem like a no brainer but we usually look at the person that is talking out of respect but during your wedding ceremony and I want to photograph the moments and looks exchanged between the two of you! As you listen to the words of your ceremony, looking at each other, will help you remember everything a lot more.


  • Celebrate down the aisle as Husband and Wife!

    After your first kiss as husband and wife walk down the aisle hand in hand celebrating! This can be as simple as smiling from ear to ear, laughing, cheering and looking at each other and raising your hands together!



  • Laugh with your bridesmaids!

    This goes without saying! Whether you are walking along the beach together, or getting close and hugging with each other make sure you are having the best time together! I believe your entire day should be celebrated and what better way than to laugh and have fun with the women that mean so much to you!


  • Your portraits are just important as your groom’s portraits!

    I do not know about you but just the thought of having a portrait like the ones below of my fiancé, Cory, makes me so happy that I will have those for the rest of our lives to cherish. I am so thrilled about it and those portraits of Cory do not even exist yet! While everyone is looking at you, you will be looking at him, and I cannot wait to have photographs of Cory and his genuine reactions to the parts of our wedding day! Plus your in-laws will be happy that you made sure that these got done, especially if your groom claims to not like photographs!

jessica_ryan_photography_wedding_photographs_must_haves_bride_top_wedding_photographs_virginia_wedding_photographer_2031 jessica_ryan_photography_wedding_photographs_must_haves_bride_top_wedding_photographs_virginia_wedding_photographer_2032

  • Be yourselves!

    Make each other laugh, I think I am starting to see a trend in my writing for this post! 😉 Grab onto each other and pull each other close, be fully in these moments with one another and I will capture all of these intimate, genuine, and authentic moments between the two of you! During portraits I have couples talking to each other a lot or doing actions to evoke emotion and because of this their portraits are never stiff or forced.

jessica_ryan_photography_wedding_photographs_must_haves_bride_top_wedding_photographs_virginia_wedding_photographer_2035 jessica_ryan_photography_wedding_photographs_must_haves_bride_top_wedding_photographs_virginia_wedding_photographer_2033 jessica_ryan_photography_wedding_photographs_must_haves_bride_top_wedding_photographs_virginia_wedding_photographer_2036 jessica_ryan_photography_wedding_photographs_must_haves_bride_top_wedding_photographs_virginia_wedding_photographer_2037

  • Stay connected through out your wedding day!

    I never put my camera down because I want to capture moments that you do not realize I am capturing. From finishing up portraits and walking over to your reception hold hands. During the business of your reception make sure to dance with each other a little, hug, exchange glances, etc. I love photographing those exchanges through out your entire wedding day!


  • Come together once a year for Anniversary Portraits!

    Whether you are getting back into your wedding attire or looking for just a portrait session I highly reccomend an anniversary portrait session! Marriage is beautiful, it is work, and it is taking on the world together, and that work and love deserves to be celebrated! Plus, I can promise you that near the end of the portrait session you will dance to your wedding song and I will be off in the distance photographing that moment for you! Current or past brides please contact me for this important portrait session! I am offering a special price for just anniversary portraits!

jessica_ryan_photography_wedding_photographs_must_haves_bride_top_wedding_photographs_virginia_wedding_photographer_2039 jessica_ryan_photography_wedding_photographs_must_haves_bride_top_wedding_photographs_virginia_wedding_photographer_2040 jessica_ryan_photography_wedding_photographs_must_haves_bride_top_wedding_photographs_virginia_wedding_photographer_2041 jessica_ryan_photography_wedding_photographs_must_haves_bride_top_wedding_photographs_virginia_wedding_photographer_2042 jessica_ryan_photography_wedding_photographs_must_haves_bride_top_wedding_photographs_virginia_wedding_photographer_2043 jessica_ryan_photography_wedding_photographs_must_haves_bride_top_wedding_photographs_virginia_wedding_photographer_2044

If you want to take advantage of the anniversary portrait special or you are currently a bride who loves these ideas for their wedding day you can contact me for your wedding day and your anniversary portraits by contacting me here > Contact Jessica Ryan Photography I cannot wait to hear from you!