2016: Wedding Day Portraits

wedding bride and groom jessica ryan photography

I introduced all of my 2016 wedding couples in a previous blog post with only ONE portrait of each couple! That was hard for this photographer! I am truly in love with so many moments from 2016 and in love with each couples’ wedding day! I had to do one more blog post filled with more portraits and moments of weddings from 2016 before we ring in the New Year! I want to thank all of my brides and grooms for a wonderful year! I am looking forward to staying in touch with you all, seeing your lives grow together as newlyweds and all of the amazing things that you will do together. Happy New Year!

First up is moments with Moms! While you are getting into your wedding dress, Mom and your bridesmaids are right there with you! They are cheering you on, captivated by your beauty and the woman that you have become. This is always one of the most emotional moments of the day and rightfully so!   Allison had her Mom there helping her  get ready and her daughter was also there, hugging onto her and very excited to see her Mom as a bride!  Photographing your bridal portrait right after you get into your wedding dress is one of my favorite moments to photograph! Your dress is on, the shoes have been clasped tight and your jewelry has on been placed in the right spots. Before you start to pack, clean up the room and head to the ceremony of your first look I have brides pause and sit down for a moment. It is just us and I give you space to take a deep breath, to actually look down at your wedding dress and trace your favorite details that you have daydreamed about until this day. This is what I believe will be one of the times that you, as a bride, will be your happiest and I want to give you the time to embrace it so you can remember those moments for years to come! Jessie’s smile is stunning! Don’t you think so?   Rachel was married at her Grandfather’s and I thought the room that she got ready in fit her style perfectly! We also do more bridal portraits outside of course!  I can just hear Caitlin’s laugh through this photograph below! Anyone who is around Caitlin instantly becomes joyous and happy!   Jayme was an elegant bride and I loved her flowing dress and veil!Rain or shine we still photograph beautiful portraits of your wedding day! Just like Samantha & Hayley’s bridal portraits.  Emma’s crystal blue eyes are gorgeous! I was happy to see blue in her bridal bouquet that made her eyes pop even more in portraits!  Your bridal party includes some of the closest family and friends to you! I enjoy photographing them and they all usually make it a lot of fun!This little flower girl liked getting her portrait taken!   These blush dresses with the ribbon on their bouquets was a beautiful combination together!   Anna’s bridesmaids all looked amazing! I loved how their bouquets matched their dresses perfectly and had pops of orange and coral colors in them!   Jessie only had one rule for her bridesmaids dresses, they had to be a shade of green! Everyone looked beautiful and I loved that they got to show their own style with their dress.  Allison and Joel had their daughter as their flower girl. Joel said vows to her during their wedding ceremony and also gave her a ring! Saying all of that, I was glad I got to photograph this portrait of the three of them! I love her reaction when her mom reaches down to kiss her on the cheek!   I saw Kacee and Ryan a few weeks ago for Christmas portraits as newlyweds and I realized that they always love to smush their faces together like this! I think they are adorable!  Jacquelyn wanted a mermaid tail to marry her deep sea diver in on their wedding day, and I think the train she had for her wedding dress perfectly fit that description!   Forehead kisses, kisses on the cheek, kisses on the lips, I have my couples do them all! Jimi didn’t mind giving his gorgeous bride, Anna, all of those kisses!   Chris and Jessie were extremely happy their entire wedding day! Jessie’s smile can brighten any room!   Ryan and Katie had an intimate ceremony in Fernandina Beach, Florida and I was so glad to be there to photograph it and celebrate with them!  Hurricane Matthew came into town in October but did not stop Mary and Andrew from getting married that day!   Joel was always so sweet Allison! I loved when I gave them a few moments together and I backed away, still photographing the moments that unfolded of course!  I traveled to the mountains for Ash and Chris’ wedding day! I would love it if I could photograph in the mountains every weekend! I love how much Chris made Ash laugh!   Jayme and Tony had one of the most emotional wedding days I have photographed! It included happy tears, personal wedding vows, sentimental toasts and of course a whole lot of love!   Amanda and Jeremiah had a chilly but beautiful wedding day at The Williamsburg Winery!  I love the way that they held onto each other during their portraits! They just fell into the pose above together! With this being the end of the 2016 Wedding season, I wanted to close it out with a few ceremony exits and reception exits! I am a big believer that both should be celebrated! Celebrate your first walk down/back up the aisle with your husband or wife! Look at each other, kiss, laugh, wave your hands in their, dance or give a big thumbs up! Whatever you feel like doing I highly suggest doing it! I love photographing the excitement and joy that you feel in that once in a lifetime moment!   Allison and Joel had their guests toss sprinkles into the air during their ceremony exit! This turned into being pelted with lots of sprinkles but I still love their reaction!  Amanda and Jeremiah’s evening wedding was extremely cozy at the Williamsburg Winery. They both were so happy right after they became husband and wife!   Jayme and Tony’s wedding reception exit was one for the books! These fiber optic glow sticks were amazing and they followed that up with leaving by boat! If you can’t do sparklers but want the same effect I highly recommend these kinds of glow sticks!