2016 First Looks & Why They are Worth It on Your Wedding Day

bride and groom first look portrait

This past wedding season, a lot of my couples opted to do a first look! Not one of them regretted it! A first look is truly a moment just for the two of you! I always go see the Groom and get him set up and then I tell him to take a deep breath. I tell him how gorgeous YOU look and I tell him how excited you are to see him. This is about the time where your groom is taking long deep breaths, his hands are clasped in front of him and he is shifting his weight from leg to leg. He realizes that he is just moments from seeing you. Where I am standing and watching this unfold is not a bad place to be either.

I tell him, just like I would tell you, that this moment is truly for the two of you. I would tell you to not pay attention to us or our cameras and just be together, in this very moment. The very moment that is right before becoming husband and wife and the same moment that is right after you realize that today is the day you will start the rest of your lives together. The beauty of this is, that this happens in the same moment.  Another reason why it is worth is that you are investing a lot into your wedding photography and with a first look you will receive 40% more portraits of you and your Groom. With a first look, you get the most out of your investment with me   I strive to create moments for you two to be able to slow down during your wedding day and attempt to soak it all in. Your wedding day goes by so quickly and you will be celebrating with a lot of people. Through out your portraits I take time to have you talk to each other and reflect on what this day means to you both. With a first look, you actually get intimate time on your wedding day. Most brides don’t realize that when you come down the aisle and shock him with how gorgeous you are  he can’t speak to you and tell you how amazing you look. He can’t embrace you, kiss you, or did I mention already that he can’t speak to you. Now, your ceremony will be a wonderful and magical moment regardless but being able to do all of those things during your first look will let you both be able to enjoy every word that is said during your ceremony.   First Looks allow you to extend your wedding day. Instead of being rushed for your bridal party portraits, you actually get to enjoy them and have fun hanging out with your BEST friends on your wedding day.    You get rid of your nerves. Like I said before the moments before you walk up to your groom his mood changes, the nerves set in. The moments before he hears your feet on the ground behind him or you call his name are nerve wrecking! Can you imagine how he feels experiencing that during your ceremony in front of your 150+ guests?  For most grooms, the nerves kick in before they see you because when they see you everything becomes VERY real! So when the nerves start creeping up, instead of keeping the groom in a secluded space until his time to enter the ceremony, what if you took him to a private place? A place that was free of people, free of on-lookers, no distractions… and you, the love of his life, walk up to him and gently tap his shoulder. He would turn around and finally get his first look at this stunning bride and not only would he get to see you, he could embrace you, cry with you, kiss you and enjoy that moment with you for as long as you both wanted.

As you show him your dress, twirl a few times and then ask him what he thinks, his nerves will start to diminish. After all, you are the one that can make him the most comfortable.