Hand in hand, they set out to explore the rest of their lives together. What an adventure that is to embark on.
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Virginia and Destination Wedding Photographer for the couples that are building a fulfilled, adventurous and joyous life together.

all women's hiking group created by a wedding photographer in virginia
Her Hike Collective is a hiking group that I created in Virginia. I am passionate about taking women on hikes in the mountains because we all have our personal reasons for lacing up our boots and setting out to hike, and I love learning about what those reasons are. We use our hikes to build strength, determination and friendship. We wake up ourselves up, literally and metaphorically, to see new horizons. We surprise ourselves with what we already have inside of us! We give ourselves experiences to take with us on our journey. So, hike for Her and I promise you that your life won't be a walk in the park, but a hike to heights you have yet to imagine.
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“I caught myself looking around at moments of their day thinking that I am the lucky one to be here.”

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Hi! I’m Jessica.

I am a wedding photographer for the couples that are building a fulfilled, happy and genuine life together. The couples that hold onto each other a little tighter, the ones that light up when they see the other enter the room and the couples that know how meaningful their love is to one another. Your one of a kind love should be photographed in the most genuine and honest way on your wedding day! Photography will be one of the few tangible things that you will have to reminisce about your wedding day, and I am honored to capture it for you.

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“Jessica was and is so much more than what we expected and we will continue to recommend her to anyone and everyone!”

– Amanda & Jeremiah

We are so thankful we decided to go with Jessica! We can’t imagaine using anyone else to capture our special day and all those people who helped us celebrate. She was so patient, understanding, knowledgeable, professional and a genuinely awesome person! She was worth every penny! She made my husband and I both feel so comfortable, which was a huge deal for us. She kept us laughing and enjoying every minute and the pictures are PERFECT! We didn’t once feel rushed even when things stared to run behind. She also dealt with our very big families and all of their ideas flawlessly! She really listened to what we wanted and offered great ideas to make our even better!

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